Response To Warren Ellis

I agree with Warren Ellis’s argument that we need violent stories in our lives. I’ve read in a article that 9 of 10 boys have seen pornography by the age of 18, and with an interview of a former porn star  Demi Dalia stated that “ The world would be a f*** up place if there wasn’t porn and there would be allot of creepy people walking around .” Meaning if people are unable to fulfill their fantasies in their imagination, they would do it physically.  I believe that every civilized person craves a little action, that being fulfilled by video games, novels, or even walking WWE. I get irritated with people blame the recent gun tragedies on violent video games and movies. I believe the government should stop pointing fingers and start focusing more on how these psychopaths are able to acquire these firearms. There is a quote that said “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. The last time I checked for the thousands of people who owns a registered firearm for protection, their guns maybe broken. Ellis mentioned that “The most horrible things in the world, the real cancers of our society, have to be interrogated. You can’t ignore a tumor. If you do, then it quickly becomes too late to do anything at all about it and you’re nothing but a skinful of the stuff.”  Which means we should start at the source rather than the end, the real question we should be asking is that, at what point in the path is corrupted from between the gun leaving the factory to being in the hands of the criminal. Insted of botteling up their craving we should just let free into our video games and movies.

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pechakucha proposal

– in my presentation i will be discussing the mermaids from the history ( past tense) and the one it in the book, discussing how it relate to each other and differences.